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Domain Names From $0.50 at CheapDomains

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Quick Domain Rules:

  • Unless the Top Level Domain you are using requires or supports a Second Level Domain for classification (the "co" in, you should not enter anything but a domain name and a Top Level Domain.
  • Don't put "www." in front of the domain. "www." is a host name, not a domain name. You should not use "www" anywhere unless it part of the actual domain name you are looking for.
  • Legal characters are 0-9, a-z and "-". Underscores (_) and spaces are not permitted in domains.

A list of errors and their meanings follows:

  • You MUST select a Top Level Domain! This indicates that you attempted to perform a search without entering in a TLD or selecting one, depending on which method of searching you chose. An example of a TLD is ".com" . Please be sure to include a TLD in your search.
  • Illegal Character Placement. This means that you used a domain that didn't begin or end with a legal letter or number. Although "-" is a legal character, you cannot begin or end your domain with that character.
  • Illegal Character in Domain. You can only use letters, numbers and the hyphen ("-") character in domain names. You cannot use underscores ("_") or spaces.
  • NO DOMAIN ENTERED. If you received this error, you tried to perform a seach without entering a domain. Please go back and enter in a domain.
  • The extension [ext] is not supported. An extension is a combination of a TLD and a Second Level Domain, which is primarily used for classification. An example of an extension is "", which is used for Australian Commercial Domains. When a second level domain for classification is not required, extension simply refers to the Top Level Domain. If you received this error, chances are you entered in a domain that contains a TLD that is supported, but a Second Level Domain that is either invalid or not supported.
  • Too many levels of domain. When searching for a domain, enter the domain only and whatever necessary tld or extension. Do not enter "www." in the beginning of the domain, it is not part of the domain name. An example of a valid domain is "". An example of an INVALID domain is "".
  • I cannot connect to [server]. If you received this message, it means that the WHOIS server designated for the domain you are searching for is DOWN. Please try your search again later.

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Domain Names From $0.50 at CheapDomains

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Domain Names From $0.50 at CheapDomains
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